Heavy Vibes – Montana Sextet


Billy Beyond – “MC Said”

and work and work and work and work and vogue.

now dip.

and vogue.



and vogue and vogue and vogue and vogue and dip.

now spin! spin god dammit.

and walk.

and walk and walk and walk and walk…no touching.

there is NO TOUCHING! You will be chopped, and walk.

Serve it to them nicely, sell the garment gurl, let those labels twirl.

and work.

and work.

and walk and walk and walk and you can keep right on walking darling, go ahead…keep walking – right out that door because YOU”VE BEEN CHOPPED.





Old Way and Willi Ninja Forever

Old way

Old way is characterized by the formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of formations with graceful, fluid-like action. Egyptian hieroglyphs and fashion poses serve as the original inspirations for old way voguing. In its purest, historical form, old way vogue is a duel between two rivals. Traditionally, old way rules dictated that one rival must “pin” the other to win the contest. Pinning involved the trapping of an opponent so that he or she could not execute any movements while the adversary was still in motion (usually voguing movements with the arms and hands called “conflama” while the opponent was held against the floor doing “floor work” or against a wall).

I miss Willi. The whole world misses Willi.

While he didn’t create the form, he worked at refining it with clean, sharp movements to “an amazing level”. His influences included Fred Astaire, olympic gymnasts, and Asian culture in general. Willi Ninja, an inspiration to me…R.I.P.

The House of Xtravaganza 30th Anniversary Ball

An amazing night of old friends and familiar faces was made even more amazing by so many new friends and beautiful new faces.

Xtravaganza means POWER, god damn it! Does anybody even say that anymore?

OLD SCHOOL. I was ready with my flashlight to fight the shade, but none was thrown. Are these the same ganzas I used to know? Mellowing with age.

Honestly, it was such a gorgeous night. I left inspired. You can’t ask for anything more than that.