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I’m a little nervous after listening to Gant and Tre’s previous episodes. I will try and keep up with them. Tune in or find it in the archive on THEFACERADIO.COM

The B-52’s Meet The Archies

In the grand tradition of cult classic crossovers such as ARCHIE MEETS KISS and ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES, the next surefire comic book crossover hit arrives in February 2020 with ARCHIE MEETS THE B-52s!

From the fan-favorite Archie Comics creative team of co-writers Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg (ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES, THE ARCHIES) and artist Dan Parent (ARCHIE MEETS KISS), the ARCHIE MEETS THE B-52s one-shot comic book will rock you with a new wave of fun, excitement, and humor like only Archie Comics and The B-52s can provide.

“I’m so excited to not only revisit Archie’s legendary run of off-the-wall, awesome music crossovers, but to do it with my original partner in crime, Archie legend, Dan Parent,” said co-writer and Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura.

“The B-52s are a seminal, quirky, and groundbreaking group, and I feel so lucky to have the chance to make a little rock and roll history with them and Riverdale’s own, The Archies. Expect a lot of bonkers fun, eye-popping art, and a lot of new wave-y adventure.”

“The B-52s are not only a legendary rock group, but are an important part of my life,” added artist Dan Parent.

“They are a band who meant a lot to the kids who felt like they were out of the norm, and they made it cool to embrace your inner weirdo. So, to be able to bring that brand of musical quirkiness to Riverdale is a dream come true. The B-52s in Riverdale makes sense, and I’m not even sure why! All I know is fun will be had!”

The unlikely yet seemingly meant-to-be crossover of The Archies and The B-52s was something co-writer Matt Rosenberg also loved, adding, “If there is a better pairing then the cartoonish psychedelia of the B-52s and the literal cartoons of the Archies I don’t know what it is. And getting to watch Dan Parent draw them together is an opportunity I obviously couldn’t pass up. I’m so excited for this book it’s crazy to me that it’s a real thing, it feels like I’m living in my own private Riverdale.”

To find out more information about ARCHIE MEETS THE B-52s, stay tuned for news coming out of the ARCHIE COMICS FOREVER: CELEBRATING 80 YEARS panel this Friday, October 4 at New York Comic Con.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jimmy James

Enjoy Jimmy’s show from The Pilgrim House in Provincetown, Mass via Facebook!


ABBA Will Tour In 2019!

My life has been changed by this recent announcement. I will be unavailable for comment for forty-eight hours while I turn inward and search for the words to describe exactly how my life has been changed.

Armen Ra and Bora Yoon This Friday!!

See you there! Armen’s back in town and his theremin is about to sing. Join me and a host of other old friends and music lovers at The Church of the Ascension )(5th Avenue at 10th St.)  this Friday night for a unique musical experience as we welcome our NYC ex-pat and often missed nightlife legend to the stage. Stage? Alter?  – you can bet it will be a holy evening.

Click the pics for tix!!!!

WHEN MY SORROW DIED: The Legend of Armen Ra & the Theremin

WHEN MY SORROW DIED: The Legend of Armen Ra & the Theremin – IndieGoGo Teaser Campaign from Robert Nazar Arjoyan on Vimeo.

New York City World Premier on November 13th, tickets are available NOW at Cinema Village located 22 E. 12th St, New York, NY 10003. Runs for ONE WEEK from Friday Nov. 13th, through Thursday Nov. 19th.




Tom Silverman is Releasing The Funk

Wednesday night! – Tom’s set is early – 10 to 12 PM -he’s opening for Hosh Gureli and Operator EMZ playing analog vinyl on a Function One sound system. Now hear that.The word on the street is “rare funk.” My ears are getting hungry already.


This OLD SCKOOL mix from Hosh Gureli has “all ah dem!”

The Ultimate Sade Mix

That’s what they’re calling it. It’s good. It’s Sade. Click and get it from SENDSPACE.

Paul Natkin Archive

This mix is perf for “dance walking” and groovin while sitting. You can really wear a sweater to this mix – you know? If you work at Ralph Lauren, you can actually increase your productivity by downloading and playing this mix in the office. Try it.

White Label Remixes – Sade

I Will Be Your Friend – House Remix

Illegal then, illegal now. Superior grooves at inferior quality…love a white label.



Smooth Operator – White Label Mix

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 2.45.59 AM

I think that’s a Paul Gobel make-up. Not sure – lips much?

2 more mixes for your SADE REVIVAL MIX.

Never Thought I’d See The Day – White Label Mix


Nothing Can Come Between Us – Dance Mix





Friday’s Throwback Thursday’s Forgotten Make-Up Music Video

Here’s another video I forgot I did the make-for. Is it Throwback Thursday again? I can’t throw that far back.

Anyhoozle, here’s Mitsou! This kid was cute. She came down from Canada and we let her have it NYC style. They wet her down and rolled her threw Pat Field’s. She painted up nice. The mug was wide and flat – that’s the face you can’t wait to paint. I think Perfidia did the hair? Jim Sonzero directed this. Jim was great to work with and he himself was often the most beautiful person on the set. Jim knew how to cast a video and there is a standard poodle appearance.

The sexy cowboys ( who said they are gay? nobody said they were gay. why would think that? ) were the sizzling-est downtown hotties of the era. Oops, I painted them up really heavy!!!  …again!!!

Meet the cast:


Javier Figueroa – an early muse de Lachapelle and forever a fin example of the power of pure masculine beauty. Javier – give me ring – let’s talk.


Derrick Smit – The body beautiful musician turned fitness expert who’s smile still melts hearts from across the gym. I saw him yesterday in a cross walk and I can safely report that he looks even better now  – sounds impossible but it’s true. Derrick – can you call me please?


Louis Williams – Hands down, the best smoker ever filmed. This extraordinary beauty was our doorman at The Pyramid for many years. When I say everybody was in love with Louis, what I really mean is that only those people who ever saw him or met him were in love with him… immediately. A. That’s a face. B. That’s a real smile. 3. That man has the sweetest personality in New York.  Louis – if you are out there – give me ring. (meaning call me – not ask me to marry you, silly)


The Other Cowboy – I can’t remember his name but he was a choreographer and a dancer I think? He was a friend of the director and he wore that thick eyeliner very well and… well…like I said, that Jim Sonzero knew how to cast a video. To whom it may concern: please call me next week.

I gotta mention one thing before I present this underwhelming video spot. The shots of Mitsou on top of a van in front of what is now The Maritime Hotel in the flip wig? – A direct rip off of an original Lady Kier video for Deee-Lite pre superstardom. Like,exactly. : ( That’s probably why I forgot about this video for so long. Those rips made me kinda mad. Buuuuut….Time heals all wounds and I’d still do anything for Sonzero. Anything. Did you see his website? Jim?…I’m right here – plenty of free time lately – no travel plans – still got a lot of talent here, Jim. – text me.

Does any of this even matter anymore? Nobody ever heard this song in the first place…Canadian pop from 1990? I’m so sure.  I’m sorry – it’s just what I have for Throwback Thursday – even though it’s Friday and this is not even instagram.

Faux Storch?

It’s the sound I like, so I’m not complaining. This is the Scott Storch sound from Girls Like Shoes. This track is called Angel. If you’re #lookingforlyrics you may be #slightlydisappointed. #justenjoythefeeling