Love Break Late Night Tuff Guy Reworks







(Ahkay. We’re gonna keep doing this until we get tired. Fer shur.)

More Music And Memories

This mix is sorta more of the same as the last one, like the one I played at Martin Keehn last week. There was too much, it needed a supplement. Basically the same songs I have been dancing to for thirty years. LOL. Grandpa still likes to get down…just a little slower at times. Mostly disco tracks, but somehow Adele got right in there too…keep it loose and move around.

Traffic jams, fire trucks and the sounds of what was.

Go ‘head.

Disco Trek – The Universal Robot Band

When vinyl was the music, this track was a secret weapon of mine. Sister Dimension’s copy was handed down to me and I’ll tell you what – This track at the end of the night when the lights come up will get you a return booking. It’s the ultimate send off into the night for the drunks and still tripping party people. Actually this has to be the last track because nothing can ever be played after it.

This was me every night in my bedroom as a kid. Full flashlight fantasy festivals.

A Song For Today – “To Each His Own” – Faith, Hope And Charity

Sing it out loud when you hear all that hate speech and ignunt talkin that have become so commonplace in our troubled country. Why don’t cha, why don’t cha? …and yes, this classic contains Disco Glockenspiel.  There is nothing better except maybe Disco Chimes. toot toot    

Early Morning Music

Do you know Mister Leatherman Disco? He’s from Mixcloud…A must know!!  Mixcloud, hun. What I do is, I eat sorbet when I listen to this and that really works for me. Raspberry, today. mmmm. yeah. Thanks, Leatherman.

The Most Percolating Version of “Runaway” That Everybody Needs

This mostly instrumental version of Loleatta Holloway‘s “Runaway” recorded by The Salsoul Orchestra in all their glory could actually make your hip slip – so be careful.

FACTOID : Vincent Montana Jr. was the group’s founder, producer, arranger, conductor, primary songwriter and featured soloist. So pretty much a very large portion of all our Disco Classics came right outta this guy right here. Thanks Vince. R.I.P.

In any case – this is thee Salsoul track that will give you extra credit when your DJ and discophile friends are within earshot. Any of the classic disco dances are appropriate here – you could even bust a Lady Kier one foot wobble on this track because it is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and Vincent Montana Jr.‘s vibes vibe is clyassy! You can actually hear him singing along to his own playing on this version!

Oooh dat’s jus so classy. Mmmm.

Vincent Montana Jr. and The Original Philadelphia Rhythm Section – Another Star

Absolute Latin vibrafonic swish punctuated with sparkling Swarovski horn hits.

Me gusto.

Another Star…


Heavy Vibes – Montana Sextet


Billy Beyond – “MC Said”

and work and work and work and work and vogue.

now dip.

and vogue.



and vogue and vogue and vogue and vogue and dip.

now spin! spin god dammit.

and walk.

and walk and walk and walk and walk…no touching.

there is NO TOUCHING! You will be chopped, and walk.

Serve it to them nicely, sell the garment gurl, let those labels twirl.

and work.

and work.

and walk and walk and walk and you can keep right on walking darling, go ahead…keep walking – right out that door because YOU”VE BEEN CHOPPED.





Join Me At The Monster NYC for Disco Classics

I’ll be there tonight from 6 to 10 PM filling in for Bunny. The last time I did this the staff freaked out and the dance floor was full from 6:30 onward. I’m not the type to boast so I won’t tell you I received a very gracious and surprising round of applause after my set! I do it all for the dancers.

Come and dance – I’ll be doing it all for you.

The legendary MONSTER NYC – 80 Grove Street – ( Gay Ground Zero  )-  from 6PM till after dark.

It’s their 32nd Year on the Square , Sheridan Square.

I’ll be there next Sunday too but it might be very crowded after tonight!



Minnie Ripperton – Let’s Stick Together Is Two Step Perfection

“I don’t need no symphony. I hear music when you’re lovin’ me”


I offer for your re-consideration a classic dance track that is actually a song. Imagine? A melody and a lyric that together create something more than their respective parts. Like, wow!

The appropriate dance to this “beat” is the simple and elegant dance known in nightclubs from L.A. to New York as “Two Step.” If you need to learn about it and you are in L.A. just ask the best DJ in town, Victor Rodriguez. He is a master of the style and the current West Coast authority on the subject. He will love you forever for asking. If you are in New York then you should make your way over to Dino or Karen and they will fill you in on this simple yet sublime dance trend of yesteryear. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the steps. D and K  are both masters at it’s subtleties and their finesse with it’s variations do amaze. Watch them. Learn from them.

One, two, step. One, two, step.

The definition and origin of “Two Step” (AKA The Nightclub Two Step, NC2S, sometimes Disco Two Step or California Two Step) makes me glad there is a Wikipedia. CHECK IT HERE – God I love it when people get all technical about disco!~ Now listen to Minnie deliver her plea in signature style complete with those fifth octave acrobatics (but just a enough to remind you that, for a long while, it was only she that had this trick in her throat.) Did that sound dirty? I’m sorry – I didn’t mean for it to. I just get a little ( more ) highbrow when it comes to this particular genre of disco.  FYI – This song was co-written by Minnie and her husband, Richard Rudolph and in case you were wondering, this is a Stevie Wonder collaboration. Helleaux. Stevie. [did somebody just drop something? Did you just hear something drop? I thought I heard something hit the floor…] – Eyebrow up and a very soft disco snap before swirling onto the floor with an “I’m too happy” layback spin. We are now arriving in Disco Heaven with our angel Minnie as our guide…isn’t she pretty?

P.S. – To expound upon the tragedy of Minnie’s early death would be too heavy a vibe for this post but to not mention it would be wrong. It suffices to say that we all lost out on what surely would have been a lifetime of magical music when Minnie left us in 1979. Even her most joyous sounds are now enjoyed with a drop of sadness that is an honest sadness brought on by the remembrance of our own impermanence and how somethings so enduring and beautiful as her voice and her music seemed to be silenced way too soon. Disco dancing can be enlightening at times. One, Two, Step – Minnie’s heroic work for The American Cancer Society was righteous and is to be remembered with gratitude. Sadly she was fighting a losing battle with the disease at the time of this recording. She left behind two children, Marc Rudolph, a music engineer and Maya Rudolf, a much loved and greatly talented entertainer.

One, two, step, one two, step, rock together, rock to the side, one two step moving up now, through the passing clouds…min3

Rest in Bliss – Minnie Riperton – Perfect Angel on this Earth for a While                         The Magic she left behind, our gift forever.

Lord knows I love me some Minnie…and a good two step will always make me go up. When it’s in a close hold with a sexy partner it really takes me beyondquite simply beyond.             ,,,swish!