Stuff from all over

20130810-012524.jpgEvery room has a balcony pool.

20130810-013055.jpgJustice for Trayvon!!!

20130810-013748.jpgKenny’s t-shirt design for a promotion in Las Vegas.


20130810-014216.jpgTime is an asterisk. Amy Schapiro in Coney Island by me.

20130810-014703.jpgRisa by me. 2013 Call now. Operators are standing by.

Chelsea Beach

It’s open all night, there’s no sand – sand is dirt. The palm trees are silver and the whole thing is indoors. It’s great. It even has a thermostat. Metro PCS gets four bars there. You should go to Chelsea Beach! It’s on 19th across from the new Crunch. chelseabeach3chelsea-beach-2 chelseabeach4 chelseabeach5