Do You Look Like Doris Day?

This contest is still going on.

If you think you look like Doris Day, congratulations and why not show it off? Enter the Billy Beyond Doris Day Look Alike Contest and you could win over 70 hours of Doris Day digital entertainment! To enter, look, feel like or channel Doris Day, take a pic and email it to The winner will receive a folder of 37 Doris Day movies with hours of rare shorts and trailers. (Theatrical trailers, not like mobile homes.) This contest will be running until there is a winner.

Look like Day? Enter today!

Feel like Doris? Who doesn’t?

Channeling Doris? Prove it.

I expect this contest will be pretty easy to win because let’s face it…nobody is going to enter.

The fine art of Luxuriating

In this age of instant messaging, instant gratification, instant news, instant access, instant food, and..well, instant everything; we have forgotten about languid luxuriating. People still relax, but it usually involves iPads, iPhones, laptops, or some other device. We cannot seem to stop instagramming, tweeting, engaging on Facebook, or other social media platforms. Nobody seems to know how to switch-off and just enjoy our own company; our own inner dialogue. Why not appreciate lying around and really relaxing? We should all luxuriate more. (I do!)

You could enjoy breakfast in bed …
..or sleeping in …..
You could lie around eating bon-bons, and petit fours, all by yourself …
Make yourself a frou-frou cocktail …
Or you could..I dunno… whatever she’s doing (?)

You’re Not Gonna Believe Who This Guy’s Dad Is…


I was very serious about creating this image. I wanted to present J.C. with reverence and respect, with a personal truth but also with something very new. The same son of God, depicted in the same stylized and over-painted way we have seen him for generations yet with a new ethnicity. Hispanic is my update. I thought maybe it could sell in South America. My honest and uncensored depiction of Jesus would not be complete without a divine sensuality that heats a forbidden glowing layer of desire…like a glossy layer of clear love smeared over his lips, his watery eyes, over his whole beautiful face. The content of this art comes with your pondering stare – making it blurry in your mind as you gaze into it and beyond it’s few details. This is introspection, the individual’s unique third-eye point of view . I hoped to put all that on top of the half-man’s mortal masculinity that made this famous prophet, at least in this artist’s mind, quite hot.