Something Very Weird and Russian

Duke found this crazy track somewhere in the DEEP WEB.

The title is “Нож для Фрау Мюллер – Лучшая девушка в СССР” which translated is  “Knife for Frau Muller – The Best Girl In The USSR.”

I’m still clueless but it makes me laugh and it’s free.

Styx Power Shoulder Padding

I love any song that’s asking, “How can I not be crazy yet?”

Too much thyme will ruin anything. It’s strong – you have to be careful. But I’ll tell you one thing, a little sprig right on top of a Pina Colada (virgin or not) will blow your mind – just don’t get too much of it…on your hands…because then you’d have…too much thyme…on your hands…yeah.

This is basically a straight forward disco format here. I need that boulder shoulder jumpsuit. Very nice.

Maxine Nightingale’s Ocean of Glitter

I love glitter. I admit it. I praise it! Praise glitter. See?

But turning spiral-ish shaped thingies covered in gold glitter out of focus and with a star filter? I’m so proud of glitter after this IMPORTANT bit of video history.

Love Maxine too – always have.


Another Video I Got In The Mail From Pat Dry

This video doesn’t exist

Pat Dry knows great videos.

Pat Dry – She’s known for her eyes.