25 Years Later And This Track From The Bytches Is Still Sadly Relevant

WANTED – Bytches With Problems

1991 – Bytches With Problems – B.W.P., Ho. – Heavy rotation at the drag dorm on Ave B. summer of ’91 – 2 copies, bitch…the first one wore out – shiiiiit.

This is still one of the filthiest and most daring albums that I am happy to own. The notes inside are something I always remember wondering about – Tanisha Michelle gives special thanks to God, her brothers and sisters and most of all thanks to her mother. Huh? Now, if my mother ever heard even ten seconds of this sinful recording I think it could really do  some deep and irreversible psychological damage. “There are just so many different types of families in New York,” I used to think to my white-ass self. T.M. also thanks “some” of her high school teachers but goes on to wish a “fuck you” to most of her neighbors and also adds a special “fuck you,” to her father. I love that. Nobody ever did that- reading fools right on your inner sleeve? Lyndah and Tanisha Michelle did. Shiiit. And why not? It’s their fucking album RITE? Fuck dat shit. I’d still love to meet them. I believe I will one day. I wonder what they are up to?…like tonight? Probably bitchin about passwords, Netflix accounts and Time Warner Cable (or what ever the fuck they have over there in New Jersey) – right?

Imagine a re-union project about menopause?  The time is right, bytches. Damnnnnn. Im’a start wrightin’ that one right now. “Hot Flash” is the obvious first single – and I think something like “Half-Dead, Dried and Dusty” could be an answer track to, ‘Is The Pussy Still Good?” Calling The Bytches! – Where you at ho’s? – call me. I got some loops and a laptop. Everybody just makes their albums on their fuckin laptops these mother fuckin’ days anyway. Shiiiit. You know that’s right.



You need to click this:

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The Interborough Rhythm Team – Watch The Closing Doors

They don’t even say that anymore….maybe once in a while I hear it…

¡No se apoye contra la puerta!

IRT Watch The Closing Doors




Question: When Do The Freaks Come Out?

I think we have a definitive answer on that one. Whodini? I believe you know quite a few things about freaks. Can you let us know when they come out, what they often wear and how we can be sure about just exactly who these freaks are or might be?

Whodini  The Freaks Come Out At Night

Thank you.

Whodini Big Mouth



Gays Against Guns NYC Pride Parade SLIDESHOW

The parade is over but, WERE STILL PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS GUN SHIT!!! AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO…I might be getting too excited about this activism thing but I’m new so…anyway, I took the pictures if anybody’s askin’.

MUSIC: Love Is A Master Of Disguise (Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix) – Eve Gallagher – More Protein Records, US Maxi-Single


Gays Against Guns In The New York Times After Our First Time Up In A Parade!

Okay? Showing Out. Coming correct and garnering international acclaim with our initial notices. We are GAG. New York was GAGging.


Just below 12th Street on Fifth Avenue, parade-goers staged a protest for gun control.
Just below 12th Street on Fifth Avenue, parade-goers staged a protest for gun control.Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

Gays Against Guns, a new gun-control advocacy group, held “NRA Stay Away” and “NRA prepare to GAG” signs to wild applause.

According to a pamphlet, the group was formed to “stop the life-threatening convergence of homophobia and flawed gun policy.”

The group’s mission is to formalize “our responsibility” and create “our place within the larger pre-existing gun control movement through action.”

Jessica Dickerson, 32, who is a lesbian from Tampa, Fla., said she supports the gun-control issue.

“Things like Orlando are going to happen and the fact that anyone can carry a gun is a problem,” she said. “Guns are made for one purpose and if you have a gun, you’re probably going to use it. Peoples lives shouldn’t end this way. This is about love.”

The issue in Orlando was targeted, she said. “And now we feel particularly threatened. And guns were the problem.”

Signs referencing gun violence dotted the entire parade.

Earlier, a group of people covered in white veils, some carrying white parasols marched in a moment of silence for the victims.


And around 2 p.m., on the corner of West 8th Street and Fifth Avenue, one marcher held a sign reading: “Thou shalt not inflict thou hate on others.”

Marchers fell to the ground in front of the Stonewall Inn, in a form of protest known as a die-in, as another marcher, Bruce Kreuger, 65, stood holding a sign written in Arabic.

It said, he said, “Gays against guns.”

“I’m not Arab and I’m not gay but I’m really, really against guns,” Mr. Kreuger said. “I thought when I saw the sign if there are any gay Muslims out there, they’d take a look at that and say, ‘Hey I’m not alone.’”