It’s National Pizza Day

This and crispy, that’s how I like it. Fresh mozzarella and I’m not mad at fresh basil.

If you’re near Murray Hill ( the neighborhood, NOT the comedy genius ) do yourself a flavor and skip DJ Pizza. Yeah.

DJ Pizza – great name…and little else.

I’m still dealing with my deep dish depression over the closure of Pizza Box on Bleeker where, in the hard times eighties, I considered dried oregano a vegetable.

These days you may find me at Village Pizza at 65 8th Ave and Gansevoort St.

(directly across from Janet Jackson Square – #JJS) Tony’s gone but speak to Hugo. Hugo knows crispy. Chicken Parm? No harm. Calzones? sure…but not today. Today’s a National Pizza holiday. Treat yourself and order a whole pie with three Snapples. Tomorrow you won’t have to leave the house.

Getting through the day

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So I only have to pay ten dollars a day to advertise your environment killing corporation? Really? Only ten dollars to push more CITI crap into the minds of everybody in New York? Kewl! This will make everybody think you really care! – oh – but if I take more than thirty minutes you will automatically charge me another four dollars per trip. Okay… so all I have to do is take my life into my own hands, risk being run over, breathe black exhaust and do it in a hurry to save the extra four dollars? Thanks Citigroup! You make everything easy for us!


Labels, labels. All my umbrellas are “automatic stick” – or nothing at all….


OMG – so I can browse ebay for “Driftwood” by Redwing, tweet about it and watch Turner Classic Movies at the same time all on my new TV? Yes! NOTE TO FRIENDS: Nice knowing you – If you need me, I’ll be at home for a few years. Hold it. You’re tellin me I can do picture in a picture with Youtube and The Hallmark Channel? The Waltons in HD? This is the best thing that has happened to me in years. I’d like to thank the Vizio corporation, the makers of Johnson’s Wax and of course, God for this blessing.

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