Pat Dry’s Turkey Day Forecast

Pat Dry reporting for The Billy Beyond Holiday Forecast Service and Emergency Leather Alert Network. At this time there are [NO] Leather Emergencies in both the East and West Village.  Additionally, we show several reports of lost gloves in Chelsea, with two arm-bands being reported as either lost or stolen in the Hell’s Kitchen area. We have word of some possible injuries involving a faulty C-clamp in conjunction with a sling and that terrible LEXOL spill in Mid-town that we reported on earlier this weekend. We are monitoring that slippery situation as it develops.

Pat Dry will keep you up to date on all the latest Leather Emergency Alerts  and Severe Leather Forecasts as they happen, right here, exclusively on the E.L.A.N. Thanks Pat, and let’s hope this holiday is a safe one in all the dungeons across our area.


Crazy Weather

Honestly, it was right there…

This cutie’s name is Stormy Weather. As you can see she is upset. Miss Weather is upset because she’s tired of explaining what HAARP is and what the U.S. government is doing to control and utilize weather as a weapon. You can click her picture to read all about it. Educate yourself because THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW. Ignorance is not cute.

These are over. Studs are no longer acceptable. Moving on…

Our weather update ends with a rainbow. Click Michael to watch his company in a very recent performance from Glasgow.

FORECAST : More strange sounds and weather anomolies over the coming months, continued government denials and a greater genuine concern for dance in general.