What’s Going On The Top

A beacon, how nice. I saw them testing this out the other night and now it’s nice to know : In fact I was not hallucinating while staring at the WTC, as I do so often. Pat Dry told me it will be in blue. I trust Pat.

The New WTC and Josh’s new Spider

featuring NICO.

…then down the west side to see the new WTC…

I apologize for that rotten video – but I’ve been watching that tower go up out my living room window for a year now and I just feel like… I mean…it’s just waiting there –  it’s a combination of  post traumatic stress syndrome and what if thinking. It’s bad, but I still get a weird feeling when I see a plane flying really low over Manhattan. Don’t you? There’s that half a second when you think to yourself…it was a day lust like any other – it was day just like today…then the terror returns.

Tragic Hobbies

I don’t think about it too much. It’s too sad. If I start thinking about all those people dying then I go right to WTC, watching the towers fall and all those people dying. I don’t get the romantic angle with the Titanic. It’s a  legitimate hobby now. Will collecting things from the WTC be a hobby in a hundred years? Will people be collecting souvenirs from Windows On The World and having them appraised on Antiques Roadshow (season 115)? I don’t like tragic hobbies. Respect the dead. No, respect your elders, honor the dead – that’s it.