WANTED : For Not Grand, But Still Upsetting LARCENY

My bike was stolen last night at 11:18PM, June 24th from 250 West 15 St, OUCH (Outer Chelsea), NYC. Here’s a couple of pictures of the perp and a short video of the crime.

WARNING – this video contains disturbing footage of an actual crime being committed against an innocent bicycle. Bike lovers should take note.

Sayonara, Fuli Crosstown 3.0

I still can’t with a Citibike though. Can’t.

Traffic Control

Click the pic and it’s just like really being here. I heard they are considering pedestrian traffic cameras and pedestrian traffic reporting. Is this true? Like, sidewalks are very congested currently near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. Please choose alternate route.  God forbid I should have to slow my frantic pace.

“outta my way lady!”

“keep it moving, sister!”

In L.A. your car is your status symbol. In NY we have shoes. It’s all the same.