Gods And Robots by Adrienne Mayor

A great book for your January lock-down-slow-down-extra-reading-time reading list. This one is a mind blower, let me just start with that. It’s about how the ancients had concepts of, fears of and encounters with robots, yes robots, exactly as we do today. Sounds crazy, right? Wrong. It’s history kids, and it’s fascinating. Adrienne Mayor writes so beautifully and makes it all so easy to understand. I’m giving this one five golden feathers for quality, five mushrooms for trippy-ness and factor of mind blown plus an extra plus for all the sex, drugs, power struggles and general drama involved. That’s our highest rating ever! I bought the hard cover because it’s better – FIND IT HERE. For those of you who can’t stop doing other things but still want to know about it, you can watch a youtube in the background wherein Adrienne gave insight into some of the things in her book – WATCH IT HERE.

Let this automated recording clue you in.

Adrienne is my new hero, I mean my ancient hero, I mean not that she’s ancient, I mean I feel really old myself most of the time, I mean….nevermind. Its a great book. You should read it.

Boris as Apollo – by me.

You’re Not Gonna Believe Who This Guy’s Dad Is…


I was very serious about creating this image. I wanted to present J.C. with reverence and respect, with a personal truth but also with something very new. The same son of God, depicted in the same stylized and over-painted way we have seen him for generations yet with a new ethnicity. Hispanic is my update. I thought maybe it could sell in South America. My honest and uncensored depiction of Jesus would not be complete without a divine sensuality that heats a forbidden glowing layer of desire…like a glossy layer of clear love smeared over his lips, his watery eyes, over his whole beautiful face. The content of this art comes with your pondering stare – making it blurry in your mind as you gaze into it and beyond it’s few details. This is introspection, the individual’s unique third-eye point of view . I hoped to put all that on top of the half-man’s mortal masculinity that made this famous prophet, at least in this artist’s mind, quite hot.

A Very Non-Vegetarian Vincent Price Check

Price check.

Price Check on Billy’s Blog.

I have a price check on billybeyond.com.


check it:

PORK CHOPS – By Vincent Price

EXCERPT – A recently never published interview with Vincent Price


Vincent, before I ask you anything at all I have to ask you, are you any relation to Flo Price? …FLO Price, the baking author? No? No problem, moving on.*

Vincent I never realized you made so many cook books.

Did you know I worked on a cookbook too? Well, it was really more of a combination craft, cooking, how not to, type of joke, entertaining entertainment sort of fake bake … it’s hard to categorize actually. But I’ll tell you one thing, I had never worked with raw poultry before and certainly not in the dead of August and with hot lights.

“Chicken Shelves” – from  “I Like You” by Amy Sedaris

Well did you know that Halston did wigs?


There really are so many things that most people just don’t know.

note –


New Work Old Shoe

Before you judge model,

You must walk many season in her shoe.

© Ancient Chinese Secret Wisdom


Here’s one from a new portfolio in process depicting a series of souvenirs from the artist’s life.



Ups And Downs And Inspiration’s Mysterious Upgrade

Looking back over the past several years of picture making it’s easy to see a pattern of ups and downs in my images, of cools and warms, of dim expressionless faces, formally presented in a mature and careful gray only to be followed by sun-lit periods of young and glowing toothy smiles. My diaries put this emotional see-saw into words – but I find that my pictures are a lot more fun to look at. My God! Could it be…I think it could…I’m only human after all.

Inspiration is a mysterious thing that comes and goes seemingly of it’s own accord. Somehow it magically allows you to work at a higher level. Officially, Inspiration (according to the Greeks – let’s go to source here) descends onto us mere mortals via a direct message (wait, they had twitter? – huh? ) from Apollo or Dionysus (The party God that makes you say, “I’m so drunk and I have the most amazing idea for some art right now”) or via a muse. The muses were sort of like ancient Halstonettes that would appear out of clouds of smoke from invisible smoke machines in order to get your artistic juices flowing. Usually they did this in flowey layered chiffon numbers a la Halston. There were nine of these girls, let’s see, there was Calliope, Terpsichore, then there was…the red headed one, and then blah-badee-blah and the tall one with the nose, and well whoever the rest were they were all totally gorgeous, but the most fabulous and inspiring of all the muses was called Pat Cleveland. That’s it basically it in a nutshell – a little ancient history there for you, kids. But the thing about inspiration is that these days, you never know who is going to let it loose on you. The muse thing is a very equal opportunity type of mystical occupation now-a-days.  Example: James. He was trouble, but I have to admit –  he really could inspire…


Go for it when it strikes – cause it sure don’t last.


TABLE presents An Art Benefit

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.55.10 PM

Get some Billy art here and help out the cause! Here’s my donation – available at auction:


“El Patriota”– 2015

Digital Image with Enameled Iron Frame

TABLE is holding an art benefit December 14, 2015 at El Barrio Art Space PS109. The gallery reception will launch the silent auction of donated pieces we’ve curated from artists around the world. All funds collected by TABLE’s auction will benefit Harlem School of the Arts (HSA).

El Barrio Art Space resonates with TABLE as it is a new artist residence and artistic center located in Spanish Harlem. At a time when NYC is undergoing a diversity audit of its public arts institutions, we couldn’t think of a better cause, time, place or way to do this necessary work.

The auction includes donations from artists such as:   Bachman Brown Clem, Barron Claiborne, Billy Erb, Bradley Theodore, Carlos Aponte, Charlotta Janssen, Ian Jopson, Junichi Kumano Koido, Kevin Bright, Markus Wilhelm, Nick Turner, Ray Diesnyc, Raymond Martinez, Richard Alvarez, Richard Stuart Perkins, Roberto Patella, Ruben Natal Miguel, Sophia Dawson, Valincy-Jean Patelli, and more

*We will also have a Stand With Bern STAND where guests can get information, make online donations, and ‘feel the Bern’ of our favorite candidate.

AUDIO INSTALLATION by DJs Belinda Becker, Lady Bunny, Nita Aviance and Will Automagic

CULINARY EXPERIENCE by Cleaver Co/Greenmarket


In association with Ubikwist Magazine


*image by artist Ian Jopson

Sure, I’m proud.


I’m proud of the things I’ve learned.


I’m proud to love animals.


I’m proud to remember childhood.


And I’m proud to study color, I love colors. Who doesn’t? Colors are fascinating.


I’m proud to know grace personally.


I’m proud to call talent and inspiration by his first name.


I’m proud to be old school.


And I’m proud to introduce you all to some new school. Meet Steve – a one to watch.


I’m proud to aim high with my art.


And I’m proud of my pictures.


I’m proud of all my pictures, and sometimes, they can be very gay…


tee hee.

I don’t feel proud just to be gay though, I never have. Being gay is the easiest part of all. Being the rest of me is what I try to be proud of. Sometime’s it’s hard but lessons are hard to learn and I am generally a know it all who tends to be a scene stealer. Nuf said.

Gay pride – I love fireworks and I love a parade. It’s a good day for me.



Rest In Peace – Mrs. Peeps

A loyal friend.

A gentle beast.

A Perfect Pomeranian

Pure Poof

And a very talented model.


Peeps was very easy to work with. She took direction well and posed with a natural ease that made it look easy. Other models loved her laid back style and I swear anybody who ever met her loved her ( except for one person but that was before the rescue. ) She was a West coast native but fell into the sophistication and understated elegance of the New York K9 modeling scene with ease. Peeps was a natural and as a photographer I can say she rarely took a bad picture. That’s unusual for a K9 model. Peeps will be missed as will the love she inspired in all of us. Peep’s former master is a dear loved one of mine. I’m sad for her today. She gave Peeps the best of everything on top of her endless love and attention. Here are a few shots of Peeps that I had hanging around my studio today.


Peeps showed a lot of talent very early in her K9 Model career. Here she is in a snapshot with Jack, fooling around on the set in 29 Palms.


Peeps could hold her own with any model. Here she goes face to face with the devastating good looks of Luca Finotti. – 2010 – Italian Vogue Cane


Peeps could do beauty too. I don’t think most people realized that. She had a perfect face for it. I saved thousands on retouching because she simply didn’t need any. Here’s an out take from a Japanese campaign for Doggy Eyedrops that we shot in Kyoto around 2011. She loved to travel. She also loved sleeping.

Mrs. Peeps ( Peeps ) She was always a pleasure to work with. She would do anything I asked, but she wouldn’t wear fur…I mean another animal’s fur…she wouldn’t do that. Also, she never had an agent. She was freelance her whole career, that’s unique for a successful K9M. There will never be another like Peeps. She defined her breed. Rest in peace, Peeps.