TABLE presents An Art Benefit

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.55.10 PM

Get some Billy art here and help out the cause! Here’s my donation – available at auction:


“El Patriota”– 2015

Digital Image with Enameled Iron Frame

TABLE is holding an art benefit December 14, 2015 at El Barrio Art Space PS109. The gallery reception will launch the silent auction of donated pieces we’ve curated from artists around the world. All funds collected by TABLE’s auction will benefit Harlem School of the Arts (HSA).

El Barrio Art Space resonates with TABLE as it is a new artist residence and artistic center located in Spanish Harlem. At a time when NYC is undergoing a diversity audit of its public arts institutions, we couldn’t think of a better cause, time, place or way to do this necessary work.

The auction includes donations from artists such as:   Bachman Brown Clem, Barron Claiborne, Billy Erb, Bradley Theodore, Carlos Aponte, Charlotta Janssen, Ian Jopson, Junichi Kumano Koido, Kevin Bright, Markus Wilhelm, Nick Turner, Ray Diesnyc, Raymond Martinez, Richard Alvarez, Richard Stuart Perkins, Roberto Patella, Ruben Natal Miguel, Sophia Dawson, Valincy-Jean Patelli, and more

*We will also have a Stand With Bern STAND where guests can get information, make online donations, and ‘feel the Bern’ of our favorite candidate.

AUDIO INSTALLATION by DJs Belinda Becker, Lady Bunny, Nita Aviance and Will Automagic

CULINARY EXPERIENCE by Cleaver Co/Greenmarket


In association with Ubikwist Magazine


*image by artist Ian Jopson


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