Sure, I’m proud.


I’m proud of the things I’ve learned.


I’m proud to love animals.


I’m proud to remember childhood.


And I’m proud to study color, I love colors. Who doesn’t? Colors are fascinating.


I’m proud to know grace personally.


I’m proud to call talent and inspiration by his first name.


I’m proud to be old school.


And I’m proud to introduce you all to some new school. Meet Steve – a one to watch.


I’m proud to aim high with my art.


And I’m proud of my pictures.


I’m proud of all my pictures, and sometimes, they can be very gay…


tee hee.

I don’t feel proud just to be gay though, I never have. Being gay is the easiest part of all. Being the rest of me is what I try to be proud of. Sometime’s it’s hard but lessons are hard to learn and I am generally a know it all who tends to be a scene stealer. Nuf said.

Gay pride – I love fireworks and I love a parade. It’s a good day for me.



Rest In Peace – Mrs. Peeps

A loyal friend.

A gentle beast.

A Perfect Pomeranian

Pure Poof

And a very talented model.


Peeps was very easy to work with. She took direction well and posed with a natural ease that made it look easy. Other models loved her laid back style and I swear anybody who ever met her loved her ( except for one person but that was before the rescue. ) She was a West coast native but fell into the sophistication and understated elegance of the New York K9 modeling scene with ease. Peeps was a natural and as a photographer I can say she rarely took a bad picture. That’s unusual for a K9 model. Peeps will be missed as will the love she inspired in all of us. Peep’s former master is a dear loved one of mine. I’m sad for her today. She gave Peeps the best of everything on top of her endless love and attention. Here are a few shots of Peeps that I had hanging around my studio today.


Peeps showed a lot of talent very early in her K9 Model career. Here she is in a snapshot with Jack, fooling around on the set in 29 Palms.


Peeps could hold her own with any model. Here she goes face to face with the devastating good looks of Luca Finotti. – 2010 – Italian Vogue Cane


Peeps could do beauty too. I don’t think most people realized that. She had a perfect face for it. I saved thousands on retouching because she simply didn’t need any. Here’s an out take from a Japanese campaign for Doggy Eyedrops that we shot in Kyoto around 2011. She loved to travel. She also loved sleeping.

Mrs. Peeps ( Peeps ) She was always a pleasure to work with. She would do anything I asked, but she wouldn’t wear fur…I mean another animal’s fur…she wouldn’t do that. Also, she never had an agent. She was freelance her whole career, that’s unique for a successful K9M. There will never be another like Peeps. She defined her breed. Rest in peace, Peeps.