Yes, grease. This grease was photographed with care by yours truly and is the personal grease of Amy Sedaris circa seven years ago-ish. From: “I Like You” by Amy Sedaris. I would guess it’s mostly bacon, there could be some ham or even chicken in it, but I’d say it’s mostly B.G. Grease. It’s not always the word…the word that you heard…that you heard…it ( doesn’t always) got groove…(nor does) it got meaning. Greece. Never been there, but I’d love to go.  Gris. That’s French gray…(eyebrow up.)

Van Hooples For Sale

For Immediate Release:

A collection of six original oils on masonite by Van Hoople circa mid-1950’s. Four are in original frames from the Hillside Gallery in Hollywood,CA. I put this group together over fifteen years of collecting. They represent the artist’s dry-brush period and believe me, it doesn’t get any drier than a mid-fifties Van Hoople oil on masonite. Even the frames are painted by the artist to match. 

You may recognize the hourglass painting from the Amy Sedaris Book,  I Like You in which it was featured.    

Interested in one or all if them? They are for immediate sale. 

Email me with inquiries – auntalice AT gmail DOT com