Ava Was Wonderful, But The Role Was Originally Mine

Like so many of my (almost) greatest performances, I was originally cast in some career making leading roles only to be replaced later because they didn’t want to go with an “unknown.” Here now a very rare clip from an early wardrobe test on Tennessee’s picture, “Night Of The Iguana.” Evidently La Gardner was doing some pretty thorough studying of this “unknown” because her performance was literally identical to mine on this particular take. If I had known I was teaching the Gardner to act I could have been charging tuition.

Just another untold tale of Tinseltown, kids. Now ROLL IT!

Behind The Scenes of Halston

Halston, sure…but JERIANA!

The talented Miss San Juan’s costumes were critical to the success of the project. The series is a fast forward fashion flight from ’68 to ’90 and that’s a lot of garment bags, people. Heavy ones. Approximately fifty-million costumes were required for this gigantic fashion feature production and Jeriana and her crew got them all right. The result is authenticity with effect. Detail queens?…you may sit down now. Everything is perfect.

Brava G. S. J.

Costumes? Naildit.

LADIES…Number twenty, “CourregE-ish mono-new-clothes-osis.”
Halston HIGH hand holding? CHECK.
HOURS AND hours of calculated swish.
Pat pose number one hundred and forty seven, “Egyptian Feelings.” Leave it alone, it’s Dilone.

An Intriguing Summer Look


 Donna Summer to be exact.

Would you say that’s draped or simply tied on? No zipper, no buttons, hmmm  just tied at the belly button, huh? I wonder what that looks like on a hanger? – not much I bet. It’s sort of a full plunging ultra high-cut disco diaper with a center-front dangly bit, really. What if she had to pee during intermission? Does it just fling itself off with a “boing” like a rubber band? I think we all would agree on one thing about this garment so let’s face it –  it takes a Full Brazilian. What’s that thing made of anyway?…must be Quiana or some type of Quiana related stretch fabric brought to us from 3M. It could even be a viscose knit, right? Can I just ask one thing about this costume of Donna’s? – Is it tape?

Well, no matter what you call it or how you put it on or take it off, it sure looks amazing with matching bracelets. Good call, mystery disco stylist of yesteryear.

Speculations on the shoe anyone? Let’s discuss: