Ava Was Wonderful, But The Role Was Originally Mine

Like so many of my (almost) greatest performances, I was originally cast in some career making leading roles only to be replaced later because they didn’t want to go with an “unknown.” Here now a very rare clip from an early wardrobe test on Tennessee’s picture, “Night Of The Iguana.” Evidently La Gardner was doing some pretty thorough studying of this “unknown” because her performance was literally identical to mine on this particular take. If I had known I was teaching the Gardner to act I could have been charging tuition.

Just another untold tale of Tinseltown, kids. Now ROLL IT!

Silents And Beyond

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Anna May Wong wearing a cheongsam 1938

Anna May Wong wearing a cheongsam 1938

Anna May Wong (not smoking), 1938, pic by George Hooray For Hurrell.


Please note: There are no cheap Wong jokes in this post. That wasn’t easy. They always seem so wight.

The Continuance of my adoration for Dick Powell …

…has led to a relevant quote.

“Great plays aren’t written, they’re re-written.”

Flirtation Walk – A Warner Brothers picture.

It’s Dick and Ruby and until Mickey and Judy they couldn’t be beat – but then again, that was a different time. You don’t really get many cadet pictures these days. Pity, because when it’s set to music the cadet scene has a real appeal. Do you think I should just check myself into Bellview tomorrow morning or I should wait for the nice men in the white coats to pick me up and escort me?

Dick Powell, people – a great singer.

This little ditty is one of my favorites…OF ALL TIME! There – I said it.

He’ll put the mortgage through….  that’s worth anything.