I never OK’d this. Nobody contacted me for research during pre pro. I never saw the book, I never attended any readings or improvs during the build on this show. I never even got an email about this show, and you know what? That hurts.skyline2012BLOG

I don’t know about the new views.


Question: Is this the only bed side lamp on the street? I like this trend. Inside out. Assorted pillows around the park…I like that. Park Pillows.

Kickstarter much?

(groan) Okay, Let me see if it’s taken on Twitter yet…


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Give. Pick up your card and give.


“Millions of Christmas Trees” by Robert Hawkins. So many contenders for best Christmas Card this year…Kabuki and Chuck’s just arrived…



Four and a half stars. (No card has yet to receive our coveted five star rating.)-B.B.COM

Holiday Recession Windows 2012 – What Recession?

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It’s not the poverty that scares me. It’s the expanding canyon between uptown and downtown. Pretty soon the have nots will wise up and rise up, and then it will be just like Les Miserables (without the music, thank Christ) !

The Elsa Perreti Gift Guide Gallery

They all work for anybody. You don’t even have to see it. You just order it and they send it to “whoever” c/o “now your best friend.” It’s a number over the phone. That’s all it is for you.