Gods and Foolish Grandeur: Three paintings of Maurice Deriaz, by Gustave Courtois

Three paintings of Maurice Deriaz, by Gustave Courtois

“Portrait de l’athlète Maurice Deriaz”, 1907.

Maurice Deriaz and his older brother, Emile, were the most famous of seven athletic brothers. They were born in Baulmes, Switzerland – Maurice in 1885 – but lived in France from an early age. Maurice was five foot six and weighed about two hundred pounds. His neck was nineteen inches around, his chest forty-eight, and his waist thirty-five. His thighs measured twenty-six inches, calves sixteen-and-a-half, forearms fourteen, and his biceps seventeen. He was celebrated for his weight-lifting feats, his impressive gymnastic abilities, and as a champion Greco-Roman wrestler. Called Le lion suisse or Roi de la beauté plastique, speaking fluent English, German, and Russian, he performed all over Europe. As his career wound down, he acquired a factory which produced reeds for oboes, clarinets, saxophones.  He would often return to visit his home town and he eventually returned to live in Baulmes, where he died in the summer of 1974.

Hercule au pied d’Omphale, 1912.
Persée délivrant Andromède, 1913.

I don’t know if Deriaz commissioned them or how, otherwise, he came into possession of the three paintings by Courtois.  But he donated all three to the municipality of Baulmes, where they are hung along the staircase of the Hôtel de Ville.

Deriaz modeling for Courtois in the latter’s studio.
“Bouderie” Gustave Courtois dans son atelier, by Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret, 1880.  Courtois looks very jolly, but not so the unknown woman;
the title, “Bouderie”, translates as sulkiness, so perhaps that’s part of the story here.

Gustave-Claude-Étienne Courtois (May 18, 1852, Pusey – November 25, 1923, Paris), French painter, whose work is in the academic style. He showed an early interest in art, and at the age of seventeen, he entered the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. There, Courtois formed a close friendship with a fellow student, the naturalist painter Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret (January 7, 1852, Paris – July 3, 1929, Quincey), that lasted a lifetime; beginning in the 1880s they shared a fashionable studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and Dagnan-Bouveret married Courtois’ cousin. Both artists would eventually be awarded the Légion d’honneur, as chevalier and officier, respectively.

(Detail of the above painting.)
Dagnan-Bouveret and Courtois, with a model, in their studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
Courtois and Dagnan-Bouveret, 1888.

DJ DeMille has a New Extraordinary Vocals Mix to Go Crazy For

This is pure DJ DeMille gold. Insane Cock-Eyed Cove Classics and songs that used to make Gina dance like a bird and occasionally cluck or caw. Good Times. Jason will love this mix – I PREDICT

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TABLE presents An Art Benefit

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.55.10 PM

Get some Billy art here and help out the cause! Here’s my donation – available at auction:


“El Patriota”– 2015

Digital Image with Enameled Iron Frame

TABLE is holding an art benefit December 14, 2015 at El Barrio Art Space PS109. The gallery reception will launch the silent auction of donated pieces we’ve curated from artists around the world. All funds collected by TABLE’s auction will benefit Harlem School of the Arts (HSA).

El Barrio Art Space resonates with TABLE as it is a new artist residence and artistic center located in Spanish Harlem. At a time when NYC is undergoing a diversity audit of its public arts institutions, we couldn’t think of a better cause, time, place or way to do this necessary work.

The auction includes donations from artists such as:   Bachman Brown Clem, Barron Claiborne, Billy Erb, Bradley Theodore, Carlos Aponte, Charlotta Janssen, Ian Jopson, Junichi Kumano Koido, Kevin Bright, Markus Wilhelm, Nick Turner, Ray Diesnyc, Raymond Martinez, Richard Alvarez, Richard Stuart Perkins, Roberto Patella, Ruben Natal Miguel, Sophia Dawson, Valincy-Jean Patelli, and more

*We will also have a Stand With Bern STAND where guests can get information, make online donations, and ‘feel the Bern’ of our favorite candidate.

AUDIO INSTALLATION by DJs Belinda Becker, Lady Bunny, Nita Aviance and Will Automagic

CULINARY EXPERIENCE by Cleaver Co/Greenmarket


In association with Ubikwist Magazine


*image by artist Ian Jopson

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Click the pics and link to your holiday savings.

Two dollah.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.21.16 AM


last year’s best gift is only three dollah this year…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.23.16 AM


everybody wants to drive the


and it’s under twenty.


I actually want this one real bad…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.28.16 AM

Seven dollah! Keepin it under ten for the kid’s gift exchange at Sunday School…

But if you still find the need to spend more, there’s always the Forty-One Dollah Video Projector…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.31.14 AM

All these impossibly priced gift ideas are brought to us by the home of true Christmas savings – The Republic of China.

Gifting Rule #1 – You can always give em shoulder pads.