The Medicine Song

Go on and take it. This song will only ever be “Susan’s Favorite.”

Good times. Further proof that the music in the ’80s was better, but take note: Stephanie’s voice is just as good today if not better . TOLD.

This video is one of my faves – now I remember why. Green screen leotards and Stephie in nurse drag? A little magic involving a ring and a handsome doctor? No wonder! Stephie made it through in style. Love me my Stephanie Mills. What a talent…I have pics from her show last night  at B. B. King’s. I’ll be posting those tomorrow. I won’t be posting the heartburn from the BBQ platter. God Bless.


The Jacksons – Walk Right Now

No idea what the lyrics mean – but Michael sounds great and this production is GLOSSY. (three horn hits) Valentina played this one on Thursday night  high up overlooking Manhattan from the closed in terrace of Company 3. It filled the floor. It’s a floor filler. When you just can’t listen to “Can You Feel It” one more time, throw this one on. It has all the same effects and did I mention?…(Three horn hits.) This would be a great track to teach a toddler how to count to three.

Written, produced, arranged and performed by The Jacksons, this track never made it past seventy-three but went to number seven in the UK in 1981 (when the music was better.) This is a special promo 12″ version. The album is TRIUMPH by


The Puerto Rican Day Parade Style Check 2012

The Puerto Rican Day Parade makes me ask myself – “Why am I not in Puerto Rico right now?”

Trending now: The small flag folded into a band around the head. Wear it on top of the baseball cap, under it or alone. Ties in the back or on the side. No Tupac front knots.

Oddly, the ears of the men were not tucked under the edge of their fitted caps although this trend continues on the streets.

The well dressed Boricua has impeccable “lines” ( That’s the graphic creative shave on the beard, sideburns and head.) and his ears are pierced and studded with diamonds. Tan skin and sparkling chompers behind a big smile finish the look that again forces the question – ” Why am I not in San Juan?”

The countdown to Dominican Day Parade begins…August 9, 2012 – NYC