The Puerto Rican Day Parade Style Check 2012

The Puerto Rican Day Parade makes me ask myself – “Why am I not in Puerto Rico right now?”

Trending now: The small flag folded into a band around the head. Wear it on top of the baseball cap, under it or alone. Ties in the back or on the side. No Tupac front knots.

Oddly, the ears of the men were not tucked under the edge of their fitted caps although this trend continues on the streets.

The well dressed Boricua has impeccable “lines” ( That’s the graphic creative shave on the beard, sideburns and head.) and his ears are pierced and studded with diamonds. Tan skin and sparkling chompers behind a big smile finish the look that again forces the question – ” Why am I not in San Juan?”

The countdown to Dominican Day Parade begins…August 9, 2012 – NYC