The Holiday Window Reviews Are Back

And they’re shittier than ever this year. They are more mean spirited than drunk Cardi B and more bitter than Campari with Campari in a Dixie Cup. Oh there’s so much to hate and so many reasons to read this year…and people too…everyone one of you fools is fair game this season, sistahs. Uh huh. Its gonna be Ughs up in here…

Yep. And that aint nothing.

Im talking about broken escalators and lots of complaining to the managers. Oh there will be video. Oh yes…this year we are ruining everything and we are not stopping until we see tears. Its going down, grilla. Pray you don’t see me near the clearance aisle cuz queenie’s coming cunty this year. For Christmess, and qwanza and chanukka, those St Judes Hospital money grubbers and for those Salvation Satan’s Army homo hating Suckwads too. Uh huh. Silly String. That’s what there’re getting this year. Silly String at a very close range. Taste the string Sally’s!!!! Hahaha. Let the holiday begin. Watch ya back, bitches. Im right here.

Best Christmas Card 2013

Don Allcorn never disappoints with his original and often complex home made cards. This year’s came with a full page of instructions resulting in…voila! – une étoile de Noël multi-facettes.


The architect celebrates.

Seasonal Snaps


Eeeew. Bow head. No Like. Worst necklace styling of the season.

GAGA hair check

Looks like the Orlando touch to me…Barney's GAGA Windows

Alexander Girard turntables for XMAS

GIFT IDEA – designed by Alexander Girard. Saw it in Todd's new book. More on that later.