Whitney’s Home Going

What are your plans for Whitney’s funeral? They’re calling it her “home going” – did you know that?

I’ll be attending the streaming alone.

I’ll be wearing my black suit. I only have one black suit really. It’s real nice though, a Fendi sample from a while back. Pat gave it to me when were working together. I’ll wear it with a black shirt and a matte black tie. I might wear my black Stetson fedora with the velvet band for effect.

Anyway, I guess I’ll probably get up about eleven o’clock and have some fried eggs over in the dining area. There’s an Asian theme happening there now, it’s very peaceful.  About eleven twenty I’ll return to the bedroom to get dressed for the sad occasion. I’m expecting to arrive in the living room about eleven forty-five or so. I’d like to get set up around the screen with my coffee and some Kleenex before we go live. I have a few pictures I’ll be setting out also.

What are your plans? Will you be virtually joining the event or will you be mourning in private? Generally I think a funeral helps a lot when you’re upset about somebody dying, especially when it’s an accidental death.

If it’s warm enough I’ll probably have the window open, just in case some vibes of glory or the scent of a lily comes floating across the Hudson.

Amen to that, sistah.


Whitney’s Journey

I am imagining Whitney comforting Bobbi Kristina. Most people agree that the spirit will hang around until after their own funeral. Therefore, I have set up a crystal vibration amplifier sending strength and light to Whitney while she is hovering around. Prayers will work to help her spirit also.