Preparing for Summer (part deux..or duh, depending upon your pronunciation…or perception)

Remember that with the arrival of the summer season come other dangers (in addition to the humiliation of wearing a bathing suit and showing your feet)

so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Codie Ravioli’s Trashy Glamour Shot

After the Antonio book party last year Codie and Connie and I were walking towards Fifth and we were feeling pretty fabulous. Somehow I became convinced that nothing was more glamorous than the reflected street lights on a massive pile of garbage near the corner. Instantly Codie became airborne and did a model’s dive onto the heap. “Trashy glamour,” we screamed!



We miss Codie terribly. She might have been the nicest person in New York. She had pure intentions and such a unique and brazen type of charm. Peace and endless glamour to Codie Ravioli. ( oh my God, I’m so upset again… )