Join Me At The Monster NYC for Disco Classics

I’ll be there tonight from 6 to 10 PM filling in for Bunny. The last time I did this the staff freaked out and the dance floor was full from 6:30 onward. I’m not the type to boast so I won’t tell you I received a very gracious and surprising round of applause after my set! I do it all for the dancers.

Come and dance – I’ll be doing it all for you.

The legendary MONSTER NYC – 80 Grove Street – ( Gay Ground Zero  )-  from 6PM till after dark.

It’s their 32nd Year on the Square , Sheridan Square.

I’ll be there next Sunday too but it might be very crowded after tonight!



Round and round and up and down and….

This track I love so much. Clivilles and Cole created it. God bless ’em both. At the time they were making these hits we were partying and making our own bits of history in the same building on 12th street. Our studio was about ten thousand times smaller but we had just as much gumption. Lisa Lisa – what a great voice. C+C – worship.


The video is styled by Rodney of VIBRATIONs


In order to play with this record
You must tune your bass to ours
Look out
One, two, three, four, hit it

Rock the house, y’all

Let the beat hit em,
Let the music take control,
The beat goes round and round and,
Up and down and,
Let the beat hit em,
Got to learn to let go.

Everybody’s movin’ to the beat,

The jam is pumpin’,

Got to move my feet so I,

Use the music to try and get away,

From the strain and the pressure,

The DJ comes to my rescue,

He throws a beat you’ve got to move to,

The people screamin’, yellin’ on the floor,

Sayin’ “Please Mister DJ!!”


What will the people say?



good lyrics!!!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Sade Mix

That’s what they’re calling it. It’s good. It’s Sade. Click and get it from SENDSPACE.

Paul Natkin Archive

This mix is perf for “dance walking” and groovin while sitting. You can really wear a sweater to this mix – you know? If you work at Ralph Lauren, you can actually increase your productivity by downloading and playing this mix in the office. Try it.

White Label Remixes – Sade

I Will Be Your Friend – House Remix

Illegal then, illegal now. Superior grooves at inferior quality…love a white label.



Smooth Operator – White Label Mix

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 2.45.59 AM

I think that’s a Paul Gobel make-up. Not sure – lips much?

2 more mixes for your SADE REVIVAL MIX.

Never Thought I’d See The Day – White Label Mix


Nothing Can Come Between Us – Dance Mix





Whenever You Need Somebody (MAXI Single) – Rick Astley

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 9.38.51 PM

This was his second single. 1987. This version is the unavailable MAXI single so don’t worry about re-starting it. Rick has a great voice. I met his wife. We worked together in Africa on a movie project. How weird.

I love this song. The production of PWL is like highly glossed and polished popcorn. I love popcorn.

I hope you’re saving all these mp3’s. Who knows what will happen to this blog after I go to jail for posting them.

Check out the PWL website. If you love the sound and if you need to know even more about every little thing, you will love the archive.

Got To Have Your Love – Mantronix feat. Wondress


This has always been a dancefloor favorite of mine. After watching the video I remembered that I did the make-up for it. Wondress – an unsung talent. Kurtis Mantronik? – well, let’s just say I used to get very nervous around him. I mean, look at him…

The World Famous Supreme Team Show (Remix)

It has come to our attention here at Billy Beyond Dot Com that the entire musical catalog of Malcolm Mclaren deserves a thorough re-listening to. The time is now. Remember when Hip-Hop was fun? Personally I was wopping and cabbage patching to this stuff at sorority dances in Ohio before my relocation to the Capitol of The World ( …sigma, sigma,sigma!.) I imagine Cleveland girls still know what time it is.  The World Famous Supreme Team was hours of endless inspiration and my personal fave act in Mclaren’s stable of talent.


Oren Juice Jones and Howard Johnson

This video doesn’t exist