Twenty Four Inches of Princess

Two 12″ versions for your ’80s collection



Whenever You Need Somebody (MAXI Single) – Rick Astley

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 9.38.51 PM

This was his second single. 1987. This version is the unavailable MAXI single so don’t worry about re-starting it. Rick has a great voice. I met his wife. We worked together in Africa on a movie project. How weird.

I love this song. The production of PWL is like highly glossed and polished popcorn. I love popcorn.

I hope you’re saving all these mp3’s. Who knows what will happen to this blog after I go to jail for posting them.

Check out the PWL website. If you love the sound and if you need to know even more about every little thing, you will love the archive.