A Week-long ABBA Web Event is Being Scheduled!!!

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A certain Euro-compatible voltage of musical excitement and anticipation has been zapping around our headquarters as we begin to envision and to schedule our biggest Web Based Web Event to date.

The Week-long ABBA Web Event presented by BillyBeyond.com™© and blue eyeshadow.


UPDATE: A date for our upcoming ABBA Week-long Web Event has been firmed up  after nearly five unanswered telegrams from BBHQ to the Ledendary Scando Quartet. It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that this seminal (to some) WLWE ( Week Long Web Event ) will begin pretty soon.

ABBA – the original yabba zabba


ABBA – In the industry, the result of their  inventive approach to the very sound of recorded music became a technique known simply as “Perfect  Production.”


ABBA – Is it true they own Sweden? Find out during our WLWE!!!





Vincent Montana Jr. and The Original Philadelphia Rhythm Section – Another Star

Absolute Latin vibrafonic swish punctuated with sparkling Swarovski horn hits.

Me gusto.

Another Star…


The Elegant Male

Fashion and Sugar Free Tab

Our roving reporter, Christy Minstrel has alerted us to this vital bit of TAB fluff.

Meanwhile at Fashion Week Birmingham, Alabama… ( for real ) tab tops and Pepsi skirts-535c1a388bfea20d

Grape Knee-hi?