Peggy Lee God Damn It!

I’ll shout it out loud.

Join me?


She had a rhinestone brooch on her head. She said she loved finding new places to wear diamonds – a riff on the Monroe quote.

The woman became literally a saint in my eyes that night.

“not just for today – that’s not long enough!”

This goes into like a Japan type of love for her and other crazy LEE FANS. Love Peggy. I’m so there with you all. Thank you for the emails.

“Yes, I worship PEGGY LEE – I worship her talent – let’s get that straight. God Bless the sainted woman that contained all that musical talent!!!”

I’m so happy I got see her live at The Ballroom back in the eighties, I believe it was.

get into her if you don’t know her by now.


Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand

and this from the comments section below the video on Youtube….

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Reflections Of Today – A Playlist by DJ Billy Beyond


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