The Sammy Dance – By Milton H. Greene

Ripped off by Apple to sell iPods – sorry – “inspired by”

Milton H. Greene – the man was a genius. This was a test he shot as an idea for the opening of The Sammy Davis Jr. Show.

Please watch “Going Clear”

This is a must watch. It’s full of shocking and important truths about Scientology and the completely insane history of L. Ron Hubbard. Watch it. If you know somebody involved with these maniacs, be scared. Brainwashing is real and it is very dangerous and it’s what they do in Scientology.

Here’s a picture I took when I lived in LA. I didn’t realize what was in that building was quite so horrible.



One Meter Long Black Taper Candles And Where To Find Them


Creative Candles are the best quality and the tallest tapers around. Give them. Burn them often. They last forever, don’t drip and would never smoke. This is your final candle hunt destination. Creative Candles. If you gave one to Martha she would say, “Oh yes, Creative Candles. Excellent.”

I started burning this one in 2002. (Just kidding.)


The New Macbook

via James Vance



Maxine Nightingale’s Ocean of Glitter

I love glitter. I admit it. I praise it! Praise glitter. See?

But turning spiral-ish shaped thingies covered in gold glitter out of focus and with a star filter? I’m so proud of glitter after this IMPORTANT bit of video history.

Love Maxine too – always have.


JaBig and his Big Long Mix

Four hours is plenty of time to get a lot of things done. Crank it up and get down casually.

SIGN UP AT HIS WEBSITE and get over a hundred mixes for free. Impossible, I know – but true. Sign up and get your smooth and easy house collection together with one stop on the inter-web. Thanks JaBig!