Talkin’ Funny: Louisiana Style

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"My mama, she went to the store, her, and just left me out here."

“Mais, yall come see my new tricycle, cher!”

I must have been 17 years old before I ever uttered the phrase “come here.” And I did so only to make myself understood to what I thought was a somewhat dense Northerner, a Long Islander who couldn’t understand basic English.

In my part of the world, in South Louisiana, for some reason or other, we never said, “come here.” Instead, we said, “come see.” Always and forever, with no confusions or misunderstanding.

Yet the very first time I said “come see” in Southampton, New York, in the fall of 1991, the response was — well, I don’t have to tell anyone who wasn’t raised in Louisiana what the response was.

Me: “Come see.”
Friend: “See what?”
Me: “What?”
Friend: “Come see what?”
Me: Pause. Thinking. “Uh. Come here?”

And thus I switched from “come see” to “come here.”

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Burgers and Beers on Governors Island

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NPR reported last week that a Burger King in Miami was going to sell beer with its burgers and fries, beginning in mid-February. Many believe that this is the first Burger King in the country to serve beer, but in fact, the Governors Island Burger King sold beer here during the Coast Guard era on the Island. (It was also likely the only Burger King that was  attached to a bowling alley!) 

Interior of the Governors Island Burger King (photo by Andrew Moore)

 The Burger King is located on the southern portion of Governors Island, adjacent to the ball fields. It is often remembered fondly by those who lived and worked here as a center of Island recreation and fun. The Burger King even made an appearance in issue 615 of Spiderman

Keemia enjoys a snack at the Island's Burger King (from issue #615 of the Amazing Spiderman written by Fred Van Lente and illusrated by Javier Pulido)

 Unlike many places around New York City, you could get a 32 ounce beer on Governors Island for just over $2. 

Original price list from the Governors Island Burger King

And although we may no longer have the Burger King, we do have…

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Sure, I’m proud.


I’m proud of the things I’ve learned.


I’m proud to love animals.


I’m proud to remember childhood.


And I’m proud to study color, I love colors. Who doesn’t? Colors are fascinating.


I’m proud to know grace personally.


I’m proud to call talent and inspiration by his first name.


I’m proud to be old school.


And I’m proud to introduce you all to some new school. Meet Steve – a one to watch.


I’m proud to aim high with my art.


And I’m proud of my pictures.


I’m proud of all my pictures, and sometimes, they can be very gay…


tee hee.

I don’t feel proud just to be gay though, I never have. Being gay is the easiest part of all. Being the rest of me is what I try to be proud of. Sometime’s it’s hard but lessons are hard to learn and I am generally a know it all who tends to be a scene stealer. Nuf said.

Gay pride – I love fireworks and I love a parade. It’s a good day for me.