A little Judy gets it going

“Love Don’t Pay The Rent” by Mone’ – The Scott Wozniak Remix ( I added the Garland)

Are you familiar with Mone’?

Well, have you ever heard of Judy Garland?

No? – doesn’t matter – let’s dance.

In support of the re-dedication of this blog to The Living Memory of Francis “Baby” June Gumm AKA Miss Judy Garland

“I’M the one that has had to live with me.”

God Bless Judy Garland and , as always, GOD BLESS GOD



Judy’s Flower Shop

This white hot seventy one year old bit of Judy info is recently in from our correspondent in Cock Eyed Cove. Go ahead Cock Eyed Cove…
In the late 30s/early 40s, Judy Garland opened a flower shop at 5421 Wilshire Blvd. This was around the time she was filming “The Wizard of Oz” and her mother thought it might be a good idea to invest her money in something more sensible and practical and non-show-biz related. There are photos of Judy “working” in the store but with her super-busy MGM schedule, it’s likely that these were nothing more than photo opportunities.

A statement from Judy

“I for one am very happy to hear the President’s views on gay marriage because both my grown up daughter, Liza and myself have married gay men in the past.

Gay marriage isn’t bad at all really, they can help you with your make-up and you can go shopping with them and they’ll tell you the truth about your figure. That sort of thing is important to a woman.” – The Living Memory of Francis “Baby” Gumm AKA Miss Judy Garland

Not really Judy

She had nowhere to go. She played every minute all the way out. The result was, she went nowhere – she couldn’t, she had no room to travel. I have a few more very simple notes for Tracie Bennett that I think would help that show out quite a bit. I had the pleasure of seeing this Judy-fest with one of the best directors in the business. We agreed that five minutes with Miss Bennett would help this performance forever. Still, I’m very happy that a show like this one can even exist. Really…it’s just marvelous.

and what an audience…girl!