This Is Liza Minelli (by Bob Fosse)

And yes, blue hosiery. Liza’s mom was famous for her rendition of “Bluebird.” At the time of this TV special Liza herself was very carefully becoming her “own self ” – the legend we know today. Props to Mom. NOW CLICK FULL SCREEN

Not really Judy

She had nowhere to go. She played every minute all the way out. The result was, she went nowhere – she couldn’t, she had no room to travel. I have a few more very simple notes for Tracie Bennett that I think would help that show out quite a bit. I had the pleasure of seeing this Judy-fest with one of the best directors in the business. We agreed that five minutes with Miss Bennett would help this performance forever. Still, I’m very happy that a show like this one can even exist. Really…it’s just marvelous.

and what an audience…girl!