Desigual SS 2018

Thanks to Abel for the heads up on the fashion front.

I’ll give this show a perfect 10+.

Invisible heels, skipping, high stepping, hand holding and at last, choreography on the catwalk! All that plus dreamcatcher earrings. (look for em.) Bravo whoever!

Check the voice-over on the soundtrack. Sounds an awful lot like Sister Dimension’s soundtrack for a Thierry Mugler defile back in 199? “Influential” is what that’s called. “Influential, dahhhhhling!!!”

Thank God For Parmesan Cheese – A Poem for Whitney by Sister Dimension

Thank you god for parmesan cheese


Remote Motors

Distant Granite

Effervescent gyrations

And all the relevant attached emotions we have towards technology

Secret atomic self-sustaining colors

Non existent but relevant

Contributing to epic essences

That you need

To fuck yourself

God bless Whitney Houston

Sister Dimension. NYC. 2012