La Prairie (not the skincare line)

The Prairie Look; prairie dress or prairie mess. I wasn’t going to comment on this trend because I thought it would’ve already played out by now. But here we are, and here it is… it’s still hanging around like that last drunk at your party that you can’t get rid of. (oh.. wait. that was me)

Is it new? Is it fresh? Is it reductive? Did Nellie Oleson start designing for Gucci F/W 2020? Would someone please come up with something new to overshadow it? Do I have to do everything? (oh wait.. that’s right.. I never do anything.)

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About jaymayokay

I recently had a dream in which I was with two other people who were having a very serious conversation. They were deeply intellectualising some complex, and radical ideas. Then, one of them turned to me and said: “What do you think Jason?” And in my dream, I simply looked at them quite solemnly and responded: "Yabba Dabba Doo". True story. (I think my dream speaks volumes)

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