Love Me Right

Love Me Right (Dance Version) – Aretha Franklin

Produced by Luther Vandross who was also the first president of The Aretha Franklin Fan Club.  This production is still some of the finest you will ever hear. The background vocals are dynamite. Love me right.

Step out and see some Finger Lights

City Lights, 12″ version- William Pitt

Rodney gave me a set of fingerlights for Xmas. They’re fun for private light shows on the ceiling before bed. Get ’em at Target.

Swearin’ To God

This has been playing everyday since New Year’s eve. Finding this LOOONG version was not easy. Take it! take it now… put it on your ipod or your flash drive or your portable media center in your Lexus or where ever you need it to be. It is, of course Frankie Valli “mais sans les quatre saisons.” It is considered one of the great examples of “Commercial Style DIsco.” Sometimes you need that. Sometimes you need to get over yourself and let it swish around. If you are practicing to be a Stay at Home Model then this track should be considered homework for your “Modeling American Sportswear” class. Diane Dewitt said to me once, “If there’s a pocket, use it.”

More on “Stay at Home Modeling” soon…


DJ’ing in Landmarks

We still have The Oak Room. Trader Vic’s is a memory and the Gold Ballroom is gone but let it be known – we partied royally in those locales. The Wild Poodle with a mop of gray hair and a white tie ball to celebrate a celeb to be exact. Good times at The Plaza for this pauper. The Oak Room will now mean only one thing for me…

“Billy Erb, meet Debbie Reynolds.”

We’re still making memories.