October’s SHIRLEYGRAM Is Here

Click the text below to view the SHIRLEYGRAM for October.

Affirmation : I will endeavor to be unafraid of presenting my authentic self to the world around me and will embrace the reciprocation I receive. 

The Pompeii Room

“I’m the only person here I’ve never heard of.”

Please bury me there.


I feel like maybe I was there about twenty-eight years ago. Were you there?

Viva Suzzane Charny! Best frug ever, Best Ponytail Work in modern history.

You Can Learn

You can learn a lot in life. A great place to start learning is a museum.


You can learn about cars, rhinestones, music, the early days of television, domineering mothers and the often odd results of a dysfunctional family dynamic, shoe and bootmaking, the fine art of gemology, homophobia, the AIDS crisis, plastic surgery, furniture design, interior design and Presidential Command Performances in the White House! Gosh! I just LOVE museums.


And while you are making your INSPIRATIONAL WORKOUT PLAYLIST – save this one and throw it in:

Reese Project – Direct Me

That’s 1991, kids…when the music really WAS better. This ain’t no Katy Perry remix – AHKAY? HELLEAUX.