Marisa Berenson – A Life In Pictures


Edited by Steven Meisel. ( sound effect of something huge dropping )

Oooh, yeah…I can see that. Very frizzy, yeah. Orlando could fix that. Do want me to call him for you?

Eyes, green.

Four covers, seven eyes.

Jeanloup Sieff captured M. B. here. J.S. is a personal favorite of mine. Click Marisa and browse his website. Inspiration follows shortly.

Ok, so… A while back, I was graciously invited to a delicious dinner at the home of Donna D’Cruz and Tom Silverman – both of whom resonate very highly on the frequency of goodness – and who should be the surprise guest but Marisa Berenson herself? Immediately I filed my excitement for later and sat down next to her where I remained for the evening. She talks often about energies and invisible attractions. We had one going in about thirty seconds. I didn’t know that Elsa Schiaparelli was her grandmother. Oops. She informed me. Ok, so now I know.

The conversation with Marisa was easy but not routine. We share many interests and oddly, experiences. She is sharp as a tack and as genuine as a flawless D ideal cut diamond. She sparkles. Her magic is real. Realizing that re-affirmed so many wonderful things about being here, being an artist, being concerned with beauty…well…the list of sparks she lit within my creative mind that night is a very long one, indeed.

A muse. Amusing. Uncanningly radiant… and real.

whoa. Face! Shutting down the category.