Piu di Matteo

Very nearly enough. Thanks to our West Coast reporter via VIBRATIONs blog.

BTW – I’ve been watching Ed Sullivan nightly for a couple of weeks and for real, every lady singer/songstress has performed ,”What The World Needs Now (Is Love Sweet Love).” Like all of ’em. Not Bobbie Gentry though. She went with, “Nickey Hokey.” I’m glad she did.

I don’t always watch Decades. I also watch GetTV and MEtv and PBS and I also stream lots of things. I stream all the time. I’m streaming right now. You wanna talk about Chromecast honey? Let’s talk about Chromecast. Watch the cast honey. Watch ALL the cast.

See? I’m very current.

Please bring back Arabian Pulls

This is so handy to have on your ipod. This track makes vacuuming magnificent. This really makes me go for the bronze. Play it very loudly in your car with the windows down and wave.

The Bugler’s Dream – Leo Arnaud / John Williams


NEVER FORGET – Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner – Champions Forever

Arabian Pulls!  Bring ’em back!

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Aliya Mustafina

Women’s Artistic All Around Make-Up Gold Medalist – ALIYA MUSTAFINA (RUS)

That’s what I call almond. Aliya shows silver lids with glitter on the inside corners with the slightest brown on the inside corner rims. Check the contour. She brings it straight forward at the bottom, pointing right at the Bow Lip. She keeps that lip pale and not shiny.  Ten.

(The nose is an eleven on it’s own.)

“Sometimes we forget that life is a journey. We keep wanting to skip ahead to a “happier time”, but in order to grow we need both the good and the bad times. So we must take life one step at a time and enjoy the present moment for what it is now.”

                                                                                                                  – Aliya Mustafina

Olympic Images 1

A look back at the 2008 Housecleaning Games

{Originally blogged 2008}

Mens Kitchen Cleaning Finals

Am I the only one who hears a running commentary in my mind during the Olympics? I mean, I thought everybody imagined a play by play voice in their head as they completed the mundane chores of their lives…

Example –

Announcer :”We are ready for the Men’s Clean Up The Kitchen Final.”

“Erb is approaching the kitchen floor, looking good, he looks focused, he looks calm, he has been doing this routine for nearly his entire life, but tonight he needs to make it count.”

“First chores look good, the counter is cleaned and those surfaces are shining. Very nice work from Erb, this, one of his best events, we have seen him cleaning the kitchen quickly, efficiently and thoroughly for many years and he is the favorite in this event. Very nice work in emptying the dish washer. Look how he places the glasses on the shelves without even a slight touching of the glasses. Amazing precision. He is on fire here! Next he’ll go for the coffee pot – grabbing it with a half turn to the rear, he snaps the top off and OH! NO! A nasty spill as the coffee splashes out of the sink and all over the counter! That’s huge! That will be a significant deduction for Billy Erb tonight. Getting ready for his dismount now, he places the sponge in the holder…and a beautiful full twisting double spin out of the kitchen and onto the carpet. He sticks the dismount, but that coffee spill is gonna cost him, what a shame…an almost perfect performance tonight for Erb. Let’s see how the judges score it…”

“15.2 – eight tenths for that spill – a mandatory deduction and a disappointing night for Erb tonight…”

“He’ll be back tomorrow night in the Mens Vacuuming the Carpet event. He may have a chance to redeem himself at these games…we’ll just have to wait and see…”

“Now let’s go back to the Watercube…”

PS _-The Chinese Women are under age. Everybody knows it, nobody will say anything except Bela Caroli.

Danell Leyva

Um… I uh… um…  ah,…  I guess I really love gymnastics?

ummm… yeah – I really love gymnastics. that’s it.