Classic But Possibly Crazy Making Style Choices

Malachite walls may make your studio look bigger…assuming you can still see after the series of seizures it will cause. Do you literally disappear in this room when you wear your hooded malachite cat suit? Do you change your name to Malachite? Or do you never mention malachite but wear only lemon yellow for a year or until it feels right?


….but when Agate Mylar is an option, who wouldn’t go with AGATE MYLAR??

No Holograms Please at The Gem Show


Gem show this weekend. Alert Alert The Gem Show is this weekend.

EE2_collectionThis is sure to be a stone cold gas, baby!

The Junior Ballroom will be converted into a *stunning* UV mineral room featuring the largest exhibit of ultra-violet minerals outside of the Franklin and Sterling Hill mineral museums.


Emeralds in the rough?

you know it

Special exhibit #9: Touch the Moon! …and Mars! …and Vesta! Touch actual rocks from these worlds


 photo vesta_zpse67cc71a.gif

NY / NJ Mineral and Fossil Show

 photo tumblr_mr78rltUVa1qzjr2jo4_400_zpsa3b751a0.gif

hey hey hey


 photo output_XnjbFj_zps33a49f24.gif

Free Shuttle Buses. Did you hear what happened on the shuttle bus?

We thank you for your interest in our shows