No Holograms Please at The Gem Show


Gem show this weekend. Alert Alert The Gem Show is this weekend.

EE2_collectionThis is sure to be a stone cold gas, baby!

The Junior Ballroom will be converted into a *stunning* UV mineral room featuring the largest exhibit of ultra-violet minerals outside of the Franklin and Sterling Hill mineral museums.


Emeralds in the rough?

you know it

Special exhibit #9: Touch the Moon! …and Mars! …and Vesta! Touch actual rocks from these worlds


 photo vesta_zpse67cc71a.gif

NY / NJ Mineral and Fossil Show

 photo tumblr_mr78rltUVa1qzjr2jo4_400_zpsa3b751a0.gif

hey hey hey


 photo output_XnjbFj_zps33a49f24.gif

Free Shuttle Buses. Did you hear what happened on the shuttle bus?

We thank you for your interest in our shows