Peggy Lee God Damn It!

I’ll shout it out loud.

Join me?


She had a rhinestone brooch on her head. She said she loved finding new places to wear diamonds – a riff on the Monroe quote. 

“not just for today – that’s not long enough” 

Love Peggy. I’m so there with you all. I’m so happy I got see her live at The Ballroom back in the eighties, I believe it was. 

More Reflections Of Today – A Playlist by DJ Billy Beyond



Reflections Of Today – A Playlist by DJ Billy Beyond


Dino’s Lincoln Continental Musical Masterclasses



Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor


First time I heard this was in the back seat of Dino’s 1963 Lincoln Continental Town Car. He had extra speakers under the seats and the driver was so far away from the back seat it seemed like a limo. It was cream on the outside, all black leather on the inside and it always left a trail of green gawkers on the sidewalks. It felt like a fancy boat. That backseat is where Dino turned me on to all my favorite lounge music artists. Cruising with Dino was always a musical masterclass and “cool” intensive. By the time we got to Port Washington to look for records Dino had formed my entire style of DJ’ing. Basically I bit it all directly from him. Helleaux. Is it too late to give props? I must owe a lot by now what with interest and penalties…

Later Dino would sometimes be known as “DJ Dino Djean” and together we would spin what we coined “The Big Sound of – Smalltalk” Smalltalk were tech trail blazers at Leshko’s with duelling iPods. We flew business class to Hollywood for the Mars Attacks premiere.  Smalltalk – we were huge for a minute. Dino taught me plenty about DJ’ing and mood music, but most importantly I remember he taught me how and when to slow it down.

Here are three tracks from an important artist who was often featured in Dino’s Lincoln Town Car Masterclasses.

Dorothy Ashby – Afro Harping / Afro Harping

Dorothy Ashby – Drink / The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby

Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger / The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby


Good times.


You Can Always Come Back To Chris

Chris Montez’s music is my favorite.

Click HERE for the MGM Gold collection of greatest hits if you need to start your collection today. Click, download and unzip. (That’s what she said.)


Click Chris for a higher res version suitable for framing.

Dick Hyman – Brazilian Impressions

Thanks to Brett for this RE MASTERED version of my favorite bossa-nova record ever. This record was at the absolute core of my lounge style at BEIGE and elsewhere where cocktails were being served. The piano is just so tinklly and right, and as for Dick, well, he’s one of the greatest. I just think this record screams “class” in a deafening whisper.

A Command Record.


How about that artwork?