Getting Started With Stay At Home Modeling – Lesson One

Becoming a Stay At Home Model is within the grasp of literally anyone who is willing to commit the time and energy that it takes to complete my simple course. Stay At Home Models are unique in that they are the only type of fashion model whose physical appearance is not of any concern. Literally anyone can train and become a Stay At Home Model. The experience is entirely private and need never be seen by anyone. In reality some Stay At Home Models model entirely in secret. They sell imaginary garments exclusively to their own shadows and walk endless split doubles with all of the biggest invisible girls. Some course graduates may reveal their skills to a roommate or group of friends after a few drinks. In any case, Stay At Home Models follow a simple rule : Don’t leave the house when modeling. It’s that easy.

Lesson One

American Sportswear Runway Modeling.

Factoid: Runway Modeling is also known as “Show” modeling.

1. Choose a comfortable ensemble of coordinated separates to begin your session. Movement is what to look for in the garments you choose to combine. Wide pants and a jacket with a defined shoulder over a blouse would be perfect. Do not wear hats or carry bags. You will be learning about those later in the International Style Runway lesson. Your shoe should be a medium or low heel excluding all mules. Your training is beginning with sportswear and your first objective should be to show the garments properly and professionally. A serious attitude toward training and mastering this “strictly business” style of modeling will improve your performance in your private living room shows that you will be walking in later. A good Stay At Home Model practices modeling, even during a pretend performance he/she is always honing his/her skills by walking with a focused concentration and entirely serious approach. The journey to becoming a successful Stay At Home Model is a constant attempt to improve your skills through mimicry and refinement. Train hard, train often and never settle for anything less that a perfect pass and you will reap the imaginary rewards of this stylish and very gay but delusional endeavor.

This is your training music:

Get familiar with the sound. Feel how smooth and boring it is. You may smile and in fact you should appear content when modeling American Sportswear.

The voice in your head is saying :

“I’m getting paid to do this because this is my job.”

“I’m moving slowly to let the buyers see the details.”

” I see no one else…at all…in this entire tent.”

“I just showed you the lining and you didn’t even realize that it was intentional.”

“I’m doing seven other shows today.”


If there is a pocket, use it.

Capes, coats and jackets are to be scrubbed off the back. No exceptions.

No touching other models (even in a triple) and, as always, show all the garments.

Your American Sportswear Runway Model To Mimic is Dianne Dewitt.


12 thoughts on “Getting Started With Stay At Home Modeling – Lesson One

  1. you are brilliant. i did an out loud reading to john and had to demonstrate the scrubbing of the jacket. he fell out! xo


  2. when transitioning from the ” sportswear ” portion to showing ” business day” , is the unbuttoning technique ever to be attempted gloved? I did hear that Diane did accomplish this during an out of town Trunk show for Mr Blass


    • A great question, Corey! Having been caught on the runway with a button the refused to open, I can only advise that a glove be peeled BEFORE slipping the button free. My best advice is to practice this few times in the kitchen or bedroom before your pass through the hallway. If it’s sticky, leave it open. Gloves will be covered in an upcoming lesson and can best be studied by watching the legendary Helena Barquilla in action.
      I am not surprised to hear about Diane and her trunk show antics. She is, after all, the very essence of professional modeling. As Stay At Home Models we salute her.


  3. I simply j’adore your Stay At Home Modeling Course! I heard all about it from one of your graduates; Suzanne. She is the epitome of Stay At Home Modeling style and panache… Someday I hope to be as professional and skillful at it as she…and YOU!

    Mmmwah! Mmmwah!


    • Oh Jay, you flatter me so! I am so glad that I now know that I am not alone in my pursuits and I will mentor you with a happy heart. Let’s pick this up next week when I will show you how to remove gloves with mystery and elan. In preparation, you must watch at least five Hitchcock movies and the entire Green Acres catalog. Good luck!


      • Suzannè (Susie); I’m so way ahead with my Stay-At-Home modelling syllabus..Lisa Douglas’s Green Acres wardrobe is in my mental “speed-dial” and I consider myself to be Summa Cum Laude Valedictorian on the subject of Hitchcock’s icy blondes: particularly Tipi. 🙂



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