The “Look Around You Show” and The Petticoat 5

Big ups to Bob Renk for sending  us this mind hurting video.

1. This is not a lost French and Saunders sketch.

2. The Petticoat 5 was real.

As far as specialty computers go, the only one I can think of that might be anything would be, “The SeniorMac” by APPLEsauce, because for one thing, I can’t even read these tiny letters on this gigantic screen anymore. Honestly. Not a single word…and I’m still typing. Tippy Tippy tap tap tap.

type to talk. type to blog. type to post. No talking please. Typing only.

I miss pencils.


Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee had a book signing at Barney's. My premonition came into being when I introduced my date to Kiera.

Kier, Kiera.

Kiera, Kier.

The book is AH MAY ZING. Can't wait to comb through it. 



Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee's Alexander Girard book

A coffee table book big enough to actually be a coffee table. I like that.

Todd Oldham and Lady Miss Kier 2011

A combined talent quotient of seven gazillion percent.

Hair check: "New Penny on a Sandy Blonde beach."

I'm lucky to call them friends.


Mad Ave

always there

That Marilyn Moment

Cornrows are classic

Hair by Alexander Girard

portable turntables


stools! stools!


Working, building, never stopping, never sleeping, Working, making, some for selling some for keeping.


the master

Photo by Steven Meisel.

buy some Girard

Two beds, one headboard. Get into that concept…