The Worst

I have known so many sad nights in my life. I have experienced the horrors of having a close friend murdered, watching from the roof as the towers fell and even watching loved ones wither and die from AIDS but I have never experienced anything sadder and more disappointing than watching the election results tonight.

Lord have mercy on our country. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Oh Lord have mercy on our sorry United States. 

My only prayer is that that worthless piece of shit sorry excuse for a human being may die in his sleep tonight or that he may suffer the combined pain that every human being has ever felt and then die a very slow but certain death. Also, dear Lord, may Donal Trump’s spirit suffer through eternity and be punished in a special type of double hell. 

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy and please, Lord, save my ADAP benefits and my health insurance. 

Please let me know where we are all moving to.