yesterday, as if from something out there had shook up everything in outer space and shook so hard it shook everything, somehow, back into place…it can’t be scientifically explained, nor should anyone even attempt to try, things in life happen for a reason, and that’s no lie. if analyzed one might say that the stars were aligned, or mercury was in retrograde, but my guesstimation would be that someone had given me a Mickey in my Gatorade, and everything that’s been happening for the past year has just been a twisted illusion or a mirage, a bad dream, and tho i think i did scream “somebody wake me the fuck up!” many many times, it was that Mickey was still kickin’ in, and finally subsided, and now, thank God, i hope, it’s finally over.

Auntie Em! oh, you wouldn’t believe the dream I had…and you were all there too, just, as lions and tigers and bears…and I called Buddy Toto for some strange reason…but I’m  back…I’m back!! and there’s no place like home.



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