when your mind plays tricks on you…don’t let it win- lady miss kier……


when I made Manfred Thierry Mugler a re-recording of “what is Love” renamed “How do you say ….Mugler”…..for his show in 1992 …I never knew their  website would play it  20 years later for more than  5 years thru out the 2000’s,long after the originator left the building. When Dj Michael Magnum ( one of ny’s finest) informed me of this free long-term endorsement  ,  i enquired about the  possibility of sending me a garment in exchange….House of Mugler’s press monkey asked me if i wanted a bottle of perfume instead !   “no thanks….Manfred already gave me 3”.  Manfred was always so generous when he worked there, at the co. he started,developed consistently, and made famous. It’s a shame they are not anymore . No wonder he changed his name to manfred after leaving! and “NO House of Mugler… i won’t Dj your fashion collection after-party event this sept. for a reduced rate! cheap ass –  Lady Miss Kier

from : “The dirty business of dreams” by Kier Kirby 

p.s. flower helmet by Billy Beyond, josh jordan,lady miss kier , outfit by the original House of Mugler , boot covers by Zaldy Goco,shoes by westwood.


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