Sasquatch – The Opera

SASQUATCH, THE OPERA is a short form opera written and composed by Roddy Bottum. It is part of Experiments in Opera’s Story Binge festival at Roulette in Brooklyn that takes place April 1 – April 2. The story is based on the legend of Sasquatch, half man, half beast, who roams the forest invisibly, pursued and exploited by a backwoods family as part of their elaborate and theatrical side show. Part folklore, part love story, the opera follows the demise of the family and a taboo love affair that blossoms in its aftermath. The three scenes performed in Story Binge are part of an eventual long form opera and will be performed just once on Thursday, April 2.

‘…the impetus for my opera is a theme i’m particularly fond of, that of the gentle giant, the misunderstood monster, the impaired genius with the sensitivity of a child. I reference John Merrick of the Elephant Man, Frankenstein, King Kong and a 100 pound four year old I once saw on Jerry Springer as characters of inspiration. The story centers around a trashy family in the backwoods that takes tourists on tours of the Sasquatch country with a promised sighting of the beast. Beyond that, more significantly, it’s a love story. The opera itself is three scenes of what will eventually be a full form opera. The current instrumentation is timpani, trumpets, synthesizer and drum machine. The artistic exercise is a profound and unique opportunity for me to tell a story through music in an experimental setting and work and collaborate with some of my favorite artists.’

-Roddy Bottum


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