On location in Japan for My Geisha (1962), Frank Westmore faced the problem of making Shirley Maclaine up to look Oriental without the eye tabs he had forgotten. When he informed the star that he had found a satisfactory substitute, she insisted on knowing what it was. Westmore showed her an enormous condom, from which he began cutting small pieces for the eye tabs. Maclaine laughed and said, “You bastard, that can’t be yours.” Westmore acted insulted and affirmed that the giant rubber had indeed been custom-made to accommodate his extraordinary anatomy.

The improvised tabs worked, and after several hours of filming, Westmore left the set to visit the men’s room. As he walked down the corridor, he heard footsteps behind him. Whenever he stopped, so did the footsteps. He continued on to the bathroom and stepped up to a urinal, with the footsteps following him all the way. He glanced around to see Shirley standing at his shoulder, looking downward.

“I knew that wasn’t yours,” she said, turning on her heel and stalking out.

-Hollywood Anecdotes compiled by Paul F. Boller, Jr., and Ronald L. Davis


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