The Best R and B Act To Ever Disappear

This project had it all going for it. Clive Davis put it together. They appeared with a perfect debut album, a hit first single in 2001 with “After The Party,” then poof! They vanished. A duo act that defined neo-soul, Koffee Brown was the male singer Fonz and his female counterpart, Verlene “Vee” Sales. “Clive Davis presents Fonz and Verlene.” Helleaux. Not a bad start in a business where starting is the hardest part.

Everybody loved this album back at the turn of the century. DJ’s adored it. I played it to death at Beige Hollywood and everytime I cut to it the crowd would start to smile, hands up, butts out. These tracks shake booties. It is one-hundred percent “attitoove.” okhay? (tongue pop)

Dat’s Kawffe Brown, right dair…


Watch ’em.

cute, ryight?

The album is Mars/Venus. The quality of the production and the recording itself is superb. It’s a classy Clive collection of never were hits. You should have it, you really should. Here’s a favorite track of mine that will push any sound system’s bass end to the “level ten I’m almost deaf and these bins are about to blow” extreme. Crank it.


Where are they now? What’s the T? Who got the 411 here? WHAT HAPPENED?

All I can say is, ” RE-UNION TIME!!! ” Should we start a petition on or one of those useless petition sites that I spend hours on? Nothing really happened with my last petition though. I still don’t understand why everybody didn’t want to get behind me when I asked the Council of Fashion Designers to please bring back HUGE shoulder pads…I though for sure that would just go viral….anyway – Koffee Brown y’all. They old but they still good.