Love is Everything……..Happy Valentimes !….”Sometimes you talk too much !” I decided to limit  love songs between 2 people on  the first Deee-lite album and sang instead about my love for the world , love of deejaying, showing my  love of kindness to strangers with a smile , love of Dr. Suess, love of metaphysical ESP, love of funk, love of Marshall McCluen & the “global village”, love of NYC, love of technology & the age of communication,  science fiction,love of a good beat ,and love as a concerned member of the human race …but when it comes down to it, no matter who or what you love ……Love IS everything….

( this song from the second Deee-lite album, Infinity Within, ..and some random footage  shot by James Mona for a photoshoot by Joshua Jordan) 

oh yeah…that’s Bootsy , Mudbone, and Bernie Worrell up in the track ! real…real….real !



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