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Do you ever start putting looks together in the store – without any intention of buying anything? I found myself doing this the other day. That shoe’s a winner and only $2.99 but I can’t wear a 17 inch neck.

Happy Gay Pride Month to the gays. I like this rainbow sash. Sashes of any kind are trending now. Rainbow sashes are pre-trending with a steady build through June. The Mork suspenders are not gonna cut it. Not this year, not any year. Leave them at home.

Hi Scott!  What’s up up there? I am wondering what you have been painting lately.

It’s the new New School. I liked it when it was called The New School For Social Research. Is it still called that? Do they still research society in there? How long will it be before it is known as TNS? eeew.  The building looks kind of, well, kind of – very weird. I don’t suppose they are thinking about leaving the day-glo drapes though. Too bad. Day Glo is trending now. Everybody knows that.




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