A Greeting Card for a Photographer Friend

You can click this picture and print out the full size version of a greeting card for your photographer friend. It’s low tech fold and sign technology. It fits in a nice envelope. Your photographer friends will love this image. People love to say “everybody’s a photographer these days,” well try finding a card at the Hallmark Store for a photographer on his birthday. You can’t do it. You just can’t do it at the Hallmark Store, but now you can do it right here, kid.

Print a few. You’ll save more in the long run because cards are high right now. We all know cards are very high right now.

If you’re like me you’ll put your name or something cute on the back where they used to print the company name and the price. “Beyond Greetings – NYC – twenty-five-cents.”

Don’t ask why, just thank me later.


Gallery Hopping

I saw some inspiring things last week when Paul and David took me on a gallery crawl.

I got this one right away. I really like it. I was just talking about the art of placement and what a refined and particular talent it is. David has it. Duke has it. Dino has it. Rob Renk surely has it. I love seeing it on a gallery wall with no pretense about it, or is this piece in fact entirely pretentious? hmm. Anyway – I love Valentino and Nazimova there – opened up on the top shelf. It is Nazimova isn’t it? Help me out here gay historians? (art note: everything is a “piece.” everything.)

When I saw a wall of these upside tree pieces I flipped. Upside down tree photos. That’s all you need to know. First thing I thought of was learning that a tree is shaped the same way underground that it is above ground. That blew my mind for quite a while as a kid.  Roots. It’s more than a mini series. Don Rickles said they were showing “Roots” in Africa. He said they were showing it backwards so it had a happy ending. Good one.

“You don’t have to delve very deeply into modern physics to realize that the scientific view holds that the world is really not as it appears. Before the brain rights it, the eye sees a tree upside down in the same way it appears on the glass back of the large format field camera I use. I chose the tree as an emblematic image because it is often used in diagrams in popular scientific books and because it was used in Saussure’s book on linguistics to show the arbitrary relation between the so-called signifier and the signified. I was also using a kind of readymade strategy based on the disputable assumption that a photograph is not art but an upside down photo is.” – excerpt from an interview with Rodney Graham

I wanted to run home and turn all my pictures upside down. I’m still considering it. It’s a good gimmick and in the art world, you gotta have a gimmick (or be dead.)

What do you think? Any better? Do you like my “piece?” OMG I’m flipping out over it!

Another great artist plays this gem of a whacky remix in his sets as of late. DJ Scott Ewalt

Downside Up –

Remember Upsy Downsy’s?

OMG! Double click for Upsy Downsy’s! Pocus Hocus, people!

BTW- It’s all about dolls…again. It’s the power of positive shrinking and the tiny worlds of dolls and one sixth scale and dolls are people and and and….

I find you can really spend a lot of time looking at art on the internet.