What’s New With Linda Rockstack

What’s new is sad today. Linda Rockstack made some very classy choices in her career. She made an album with The Nelson Riddle Orchestra. “What’s New,” is from that great album and it has always blown me away sonically. I listen to it sometimes before I DJ, like a soundcheck, but only if the sound system is really, really good. That’s a voice. It’s like a relaxed but invisible control that she has…she’s one of our great vocalists.

I call her Linda “Rockstack” for the same reason that I call Barbara Stanwyck Barbara “Stunwhack”…That’s her name.

BUT: Linda Rockstack is also a place. It is an earth energy power point and vortexical intersection of energies that allows visitors access to it’s healing powers via instantaneous mental realizations. There is no charge for admission to “The Stack” and smoking is allowed there (weather permitting.) It is known to some in the High Mojave and I have been rejuvenated there many times. This is a special place. It was my esteemed honor and great pleasure to partially renovate this magical site and when I am in the hood I help out by re-stacking stacks. All of the rocks you see here were balanced by me around the year 2000. Currently this powerful beauty point is under the management of very responsible and understanding land owners who share the ability to recognize it’s importance to the world and therefore aim preserve it. I have taken many, many pictures there over the years but these Polaroids seem to capture a naturally sad kind of beauty – like the news of a great singer silenced by an ailment.

Linda Rockstack, USA – 2000




1 thought on “What’s New With Linda Rockstack

  1. Ahhhhhh…. I’m feeling much more zenful …
    Rockstacking…. I feel I must add this fine tradition to Cock-Eyed Cove……
    It maybe an ancient tradition, but…
    What’s New………💜
    Thank you.



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